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Pet Odor Removal Programs in Atlanta, Smyrna, and Marietta

As cute as he is this little guy can make a mess......

When it comes to pet stains we are the expert. From small to Big pet stains with no noticeable odor to the worst we can get it back to normal with our pet urine treatment. With our exert odor removal specialist we can identify the problem give you several treatment options to correct the problem areas. Creating healthier conditions for our family by removing harm full microbes from your carpets. We have blacklights, as an added value to you, so that you can actually see the Pet soiled areas that your technician is fully trained to identify.

3 Layers: 2 Treatments Since pet urine travels through carpet and padding to the subfloor, we provide stages of treatments. We move through each stage, until

1. Surface treatment

Pet stains are removed using a pet stain removal solution. To remove odor, carpets are sprayed with an antimicrobial solution that kills odor- causing bacteria on the surface of carpet.


The most extensive underlying pet urine damages and pet odors require the carpet to be lifted. The contaminated padding is removed, and the floor beneath is washed, sanitized and sealed. Antimicrobial is applied to the washed floor and the floor is sealed. New padding is inserted and the carpet, backing and surface is treated with antimicrobial.

We get to the source of the Pet odor starting with the Pet Stain!! Pad Replacement is sometimes necessary when dealing with places where your cat or dog may have an accident. Call Good Guy Carpet, We guarantee the Odor will not return!!

Clean carpet in living room